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Finding your life purpose
Practical advice on discovering your personal purpose in life. More ...
Liz Taylor
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    Liz Taylor
     Liz Taylor is a member of LDC and works as a life coach

    Finding your life purpose

    “What should I do with my life?”

    How many of us have asked that question at some point in our lives? Often we’re referring to a career choice, relationship etc but the question goes much deeper to “Who am I and what am I about?” In other words, what is my purpose for being here?

    We each have a unique set of gifts, talents, values and passions and our life purpose is about how we use these in the world we live in. Understanding our life purpose is key to feeling fulfilled. Sadly many “successful” people achieve great wealth or recognition yet remain unfulfilled because they didn’t take time to find out who they are and what is really important to them.

    What does knowing our life purpose do for us?

    Crucially it gives us direction and clarity, providing a reference point by which we can make decisions about our career and family lives. It enables us to set goals that we REALLY want, as well as giving us the motivation and energy to achieve them and the drive to overcome the challenges along the way.

    Life Purpose

    Understanding my own life purpose has impacted every area of my life. I trained originally as a pharmacist but in recent years I have discovered a passion for developing others and helping them to unlock their potential. Knowing that has radically changed my perspective of myself and my career. It has opened up new opportunities and given me the confidence to pursue avenues I’d never considered before. I no longer feel the need to compare myself to others but am learning to appreciate who I am and the unique set of gifts and talents that I have been given. As we get involved in the things that we are passionate about and use our gifts and talents we naturally start to give of our best, find ourselves serving others and feeling greater satisfaction.

    How do I discover my life purpose? 

    You can start by simply taking time to get to know yourself, to reflect on who you are and gain an awareness of your skills, passions and values. Asking yourself searching questions like the following, to help you dig deep.
    • What am I good at?
    • What activities absorb me and make me lose track of time?
    • What makes me angry?
    • What did I like to do as a child?
    • Who are my heroes?
    Coaching books and websites have lots of resources to help you do this. Below are three activities to get you started. Why not set time this week to do one or more of these activities. Find a place where you won’t be distracted and try not to rush them. Most importantly- enjoy the journey!
    1. List 20 (yes 20!) amazing things about yourself. Not your achievements but the gifts and talents that you have.
    2. Enjoy being creative? If so use magazine clippings, photos etc to make a collage about you. Include anything that is important to you or that you’d like to be, do or have. Are there any themes to your collage?
    3. Use your imagination to go forward into the future and visualise your memorial service. Who is there? Who is speaking and what are they saying about you? What has your life been about? How have you impacted these people’s lives?
    If you want to know more or would like to talk about any issues relating to this article feel free to contact me, Liz Taylor.

    Liz Taylor, 13/10/2010

    Katherine Babcock 18/06/2012 17:57
    This is so good and timely for me.
    Jayne (Guest) 10/01/2013 20:18
    This is no different from Oprah Winfrey. You've left out Jesus Christ.
    Webbie 16/02/2013 20:41
    First my apologies, Jayne, for not picking up on your post sooner. I should have seen it a while ago, but missed it till today. I'll pass this on to Liz to answer if she wishes; but my own comment would be that I know her well - and she is passionate about Jesus.

    Just because we don't mention Jesus in every article doesn't mean that we have left Him out of it. Browse around the site a bit more, and hopefully you'll begin to see that, as far as we are concerned, He is absolutely central to all we are and do.

    The Destiny section is so far the least developed part of our site. But this item was intended to offer practical advice that would be helpful to anyone, regardless of where they presently stand with regard to Jesus. We are still on the lookout for suitable additional items for inclusion. If you have any suggestions, send us an email and we'll take a look.

    Items in this Section:

    Practical advice on discovering your personal purpose in life.
    RSS Feed for latest articles

    Contributions Wanted:

    If you have a suggestion for an article or video to include in this section, please click here. Or why not create and submit your own article?

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