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This is where we, the leaders of LDC, share some of our personal perspectives on life. destiny, church and all that entails.

We want to hear from you, too; so tell us what you think, and if there is a topic you'd like to hear our opinions on, let us know!!

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Johnson Marie medium
Moving On...
Marie and I are moving to London for the next stage of our journey with God. We will miss you all... More ...
Johnson Tam-Lit
Seeing the potential of a dedicated church building and committing ourselves to make it happen. More ...
Wynn James
Preparing to Build small
Christmas small
Christmas is coming (again)!
And every passing year feel ... a little less engaged ... the sense of wonder and awe ... again? More ...
Johnson Tam-Lit
The importance of baptism More ...
Wynn James
water baptism
Influencer - Who me?
Everyone one has influence, and some choose to use it More ...
Johnson Tam-Lit
Bideford Bans Prayer
Is there value for prayer in state circles? More ...
Johnson Tam-Lit
No Prayer small
Hand with Magnifier small
Looking Good, God
While we were away recently we had the opportunity to see the singer/songwriter Glen Campbell. More ...
Johnson TamLit
So why am I angry? I've been reading comments by people, who claim to love God, More ...
John Whitehead
Bulldog small
John small
In God we Trust?
... or do we trusti our finances and panic when there isn't enough? More ...
John Whitehead
Arab Spring
The need for prayer is now ,the time to pray is now More ...
Wynn James
Feast in times of famine
Trusting God in the hard times. More ...
Wynn James
Finding Vision
Vision: why we need one. More ...
Johnson TamLit
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Thy Kingdom Come logo Archbishops call for ‘great wave of prayer’ for evangelism during Pentecost 

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are inviting churches to pray for the evangelisation of the nation during the week before Pentecost Sunday. Find out more about this by following the link below.

On Thursday 12th at 7.30pm LDC are holding their prayer event in the Hall to which you and Christians from other churches are invited. First event we've hosted in our new building.

Click here to read the Archbishops' call in full...

If you'd like to be involved in the local 24/7 prayer initiative during this week, please click here to view an early draft of the rota, so you can see what times are in most need of support.

Wynn James, 06/05/2016

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Johnson Marie mediumMoving On...

As you may now be aware, Marie and I will shortly be leaving Harrogate. At the end of September we will be heading to London for what we feel is the next stage of our journey with God. I will be doing a Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership while Marie is pursuing her own creative expressions in a series of part time courses.

We leave Harrogate with mixed feelings: the sadness of parting from a lot of good friends we have made over the years; and also a sense of excitement over what God is calling us to. The opportunity to be part of the leadership team has been a great blessing; especially working in partnership with Wynn and John. They have been a source of learning and inspiration to me and are men dedicated to the church and to God.

Our last Sunday at LDC will be 21st September and we leave for London on Thursday 25th September. It has been an honour to belong and serve in Life Destiny Church and we will miss you all.

We are having an open house on Sunday 21st September from 3pm -7pm. All are welcome.

Many Blessings,

Johnson Tam-Lit, 17/09/2014

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  • A place close to Harrogate centre where the church can meet at any time.
  • A place where anyone can experience friendship and the love of God.
  • A place where the poor and needy can find help.
  • A place where the presence of God can be experienced by the whole community.
  • A place where God and people meet with room for children and youth work, creche, Preparing to Buildrefreshments and offices.
  • A place where prayer, healing, outreach, practical ministry, bible teaching, social activity and growth can be experienced.
  • A place that is the house of God and the home of Life Destiny Church.


  • How you can play your part in making it reality.
Having our own building will play a vital part in releasing a good church to become a great church. What we do at present, good as it is, will be advanced and promoted by having a building that we can access at any time. This is one of the most awesome and exciting projects we have undertaken and I want to commend it to you. For all of us it will involve hard work and sacrifice while we continue to support and develop the existing ministries of the church, but it will be worth it.

The next few years in the life of the church are going to be an exciting adventure during which we see a series of miracles as God leads us forward into this new season. I hope that you will support us during the coming months as we realise our vision.

Wynn James, 28/03/2014

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If you have a suggestion for an article or video to add to this site, please click here. Or why not create and submit your own article?

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"Without vision your circumstances dictate your direction, you go with the flow and one day wake up wondering how you got here."

Johnson Tam-Lit

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