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 Special Announcements 
People are needed to serve as facililtators on the Sycamore Tree (victim awareness) Course. Training will be given. Contact Sandra Jackson for further details.
The Hub is already working to share God's heart with our community. But with regular financial support we can do much more. See theharrogatehub.org/2020campaign.
St Andrew’s church are seeking extra helpers for their Saturday Praying On The Streets (SPOTS) outreach. Please speak to Wynn if you are interested.
We'll soon be launching a new LDC website! Unfortunately technical issues mean that, for the moment, back copies of messages are not accessible. A normal download service will resume as soon as possible.
 This Week... 
Thu 25 May
A global call to pray for 10 days - individually, as a family or as part of a church - for others to come to know Jesus. Please sign up for a slot in the prayer rota if you are available.
Sun 28 May 10:00am
Our main Sunday Morning meeting. Join us for a tea and coffee afterwards!
Mon 29 May 9:30am
These sessions are designed for people who have life controlling dependencies. If you think this could help you, or someone you know, then please contact Wynn on 07804 798010.
Mon 29 May 7:00pm
Alternative meeting time for those unable to make it to the morning session. See above for more details.
Wed 31 May 7:00pm
All welcome. Admission free. Suggested questions and enquiries, please, to harrogatect@gmail.com
Sun 4 Jun 10:00am
Our main Sunday Morning meeting. Join us for a tea and coffee afterwards!

 More Dates to Remember... 
Sat 10 Jun 9:00am
We will again be running a refreshment stall in the High Street, and need volunteers to erect and man this.
Sat 17 Jun 10:00am
For innovators, cultural architects, creatives, leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, justice seekers, educators, carers – ordinary people with extraordinary dreams.
Tue 20 Jun 1:30pm
All toddler group leaders and volunteers are invited to an afternoon of prayer, sharing and networking.
Fri 25 Aug
25-29th Aug. People of all ages emphasising our unity with similar events across the land. We're going in force. Will you join us?

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