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Vision Presentation Messages


If you never heard, or would like to hear again, the key messages outlining our vision for LDC, click on the links below...

Vision Presentation - Part 1

12/9/2010, by Pastor Wynn James

(or download mp3 file)

Vision Presentation - Part 2

12/9/2010, by Pastor Wynn James

(or download mp3 file)

Vision update

27/2/2010, by Pastor Wynn James

(or download mp3 file)

If you have a slow internet connection, we recommend that you download the message and listen offline.

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Our Vision

Our Mission is to Get, Gather, Grow and Go

Our Purpose is 4G

We GET people to experience the love of God by inviting them into our meetings or to partner with us as we serve our community and the world

By GATHERing together we build an authentic sense of community in the presence of God, encouraging and lifting each other to new levels as we share life together.

We GROW in wisdom and maturity as we learn to apply the truths in the Bible. Every member is passionately, whole-heartedly and recklessly pursuing full devotion to Christ and his church.

We GO to proclaim and be the good news of Jesus Christ through our lives, words and service.

At The Name
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What We Believe
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"Without vision your circumstances dictate your direction, you go with the flow and one day wake up wondering how you got here."

Johnson Tam-Lit

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