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As well as providing a lot more information for visitors concerning the church, our activities, and Christianity in general, we have completely redesigned the site, with many new features to explore and a regular flow of new up-to-date information. Our members have been testing the new site for a while now; and, having ironed out the worst of the teething problems, we have now opened it to the public.

We have also sought to make the site more relevant for our members, with areas for discussions, private postings and information about day-to-day issues, such as event planning and rotas, which are accessible to members only.

If you have recently started attending LDC, or are considering doing so, and would like to be given log-in access to the site, please email us at webmaster@lifedestinychurch.org.

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Gathering for a Purpose
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"Without vision your circumstances dictate your direction, you go with the flow and one day wake up wondering how you got here."

Johnson Tam-Lit

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        Tel: +44 (0) 7804 798010
Address: Life Destiny Church
               93b High St, Starbeck
               HG2 7LH

Contact a leader:
Wynn James - wynn@lifedestinychurch.org
Kit Lacey - kit@lifedestinychurch.org
John Whitehead - john@lifedestinychurch.org
Site support: - webmaster@lifedestinychurch.org