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Gulu, Uganda
Report on a mission trip to Gulu, northern Uganda. More ...
Kevin King
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"I came that you might have life, life in all its fullness."

- Jesus Christ
(John 10:10)

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I've Been, I've Seen

 - Was I Bonkers?

Stories, photos, and videos, from home and around the world, from LDC members and friends telling of the amazing (and sometimes weird) things that happened as they followed God's call to 'Go into all the world...'

N.B. For security and copyright reasons, access to some reports in this section may be restricted.

Items in this Section:

Report on a mission trip to Gulu, northern Uganda.
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"Without vision your circumstances dictate your direction, you go with the flow and one day wake up wondering how you got here."

Johnson Tam-Lit

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