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In 2004 the leaders of Knaresborough Community Church, David Thomson, Wynn James and John Whitehead, realised God was telling them to move the whole church to Harrogate. Initially this was a bit of a shock. But, as we thought things through and cast our minds back, it became clear that God was indeed telling us to do it; and had been prompting for some years that this would happen some time in the future.

Before moving we visited the leaders of several Harrogate churches to explain what we thought God was telling us. We met for the first time as Life Destiny Church in the Harrogate Odeon on July 4th 2004; and on that first Sunday were joined by the members of Harrogate Christian Fellowship, Odeon Foyerwho have since become highly valued and committed members of LDC. The sense of excitement and purpose that day was palpable and has increased dramatically over recent months.

After playing a major part in shaping the new church, raising the bar and guiding us through those early days, David Thomson stepped down from leadership and his shoes were filled by Johnson Tam Lit. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Abundant Life Church, Bradford; especially Stephen Matthew, who has readily made himself available to us and given advice.

Over the first five years, growth was slow and we felt in some ways we reached a plateau. In September 2010 the leaders of LDC introduced a new vision statement which was very well received by the church members. This seemed to breathe fresh life into the church and before long we experienced an increase in Sunday morning attendance and more people becoming Christians in our meetings. It has been said by many visitors that the church is remarkably friendly, warm and welcoming.

Over the last 12-18 months we have launched Life Groups, and are about to begin a new initiative with Teen Challenge on the streets of Harrogate about which everyone is very excited.

We believe that any success we have experienced in this church is due to the central importance of prayer, which enables us to deepen our relationship with God. This gives us every reason to be very excited about the future of Life Destiny Church

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"Without vision your circumstances dictate your direction, you go with the flow and one day wake up wondering how you got here."

Johnson Tam-Lit

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