Acceptable Use Policy

“… but speaking truth in love, we may grow up in all things into him, who is the head, Christ, …” Ephesians 4:19

We want this website to be a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can discover more about the fullness of life that Jesus provides, and we want all those viewing and contributing to this site to feel that they can do so without fear of unnecessary embarrassment or offence. But we also want to encourage honesty and straight talking, so we wish to establish the following general guidelines for contributions to the site.

(1) We wish the site to be family-friendly. Certain areas are reserved for children, their parents and youth workers: but most areas are open for viewing by children. Explicit discussion of sexual or other matters (e.g. cruelty) that might be disturbing to younger readers should be restricted to areas designated for adult-only discussion.

(2) We want to encourage visitors to participate in our discussions, both by asking questions, sharing experiences and expressing opinions. Inevitably, we may sometimes disagree strongly with what others say: but the tone of our responses should express respect and value for the person even if obliged to contradict what they say.

(3) This is a Christian website seeking to present the life available through Jesus, as expressed in the teaching and practices of Life Destiny Church. We acknowledge that Christians may disagree on non-essential points of doctrine and practice and emphasise that not all opinions expressed on this site, whether by members or visitors are necessarily those of the church leadership. However, we reserve the right to refuse to publish, or to remove from the site at any time, any material that in our opinion is inconsistent with our site’s aims or current editorial policy.