Earlier this year we could only manage in-person Sunday meetings twice a month: but from September we will be meeting every Sunday morning at 10am. And on any Sunday from now on we should be holding in-person events, usually in this building, at various times for various age groups.  Please have a good look at the calendar of events below, decide what best suits you and come along and join us. I sincerely hope that whatever you choose to attend you will have a great time, be made to feel at home and receive a warm welcome. Hope to see you soon. For more information either ring me on 07913 726192 or check out our facebook page. Thanks, Wynn James

Special Summer Sunday Events

July 24th There will be no morning service: but at 7.00pm we will be holding an Encounter Evening in our building, with worship, testimonies, prayer and ministry.

July 31st, being the 5th Sunday of the month, will be rather different. We will meet at 10am as usual: but our focus will be on our daily work; with a number of folk sharing testimonies about the jobs they do and the way in which their relationship with God affects their work and relationships with the people they serve.

Please note that there may be some spontaneous changes to the programme during this month: so please keep checking for any updates to the calendar below and/or our Facebook members page. Thanks, Wynn